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  • Double Color EVA Foam Injection Molding MachineThe double color EVA foam injection molding machine is equipped with two full automatic and high-efficiency injectors, a high performance mould clamping system and a PC control system. Using EVA as the raw material, the EVA foam injection molding machine can produce midsole, sole and various kinds of EVA foaming products flexibly.
  • Single Color EVA Foam Injection Molding MachineWith the man-machine interface, maintenance and malfunction detection of the single color EVA foam injection molding machine becomes easy and time saving. Multistage code control enables settings for different management levels from operators, maintenance men to managers, which can avoid man-made negligence and keep production information safe.
  • EVA Flat Sole Shaping Molding MachineWith powerful hot wind, the EVA flat sole shaping molding machine provides good shaping effect. The heating energy turns into hot wind automatically, saving electric energy. The shaping molding machine is designed with five zones with independent temperature control. Each zone has a temperature controller showing the current temperature automatically. Users can set specific parameters for each layer to ...
  • EVA Foam Second Molding MachineOur EVA foam second molding machine comes with scientific frame design, no breakage or deformation, and reliable performance.
    The molding machine offers PLC controlled hydraulic system, with human-computer interface and easy operation.
  • Mini EVA Foaming MachineThe mini EVA foaming machine provides PLC controlled hydraulic system, and easy operation.
    The centralized controlled hydraulic system comes with the oil filter that is used for extending the lifetime of hydraulic parts.
    The mini EVA foaming machine provides fully automatic and semi automatic system options. Each ...
  • Single Color PVC Air Blowing Injection MachineThe injection machine is equipped with a digital proportional control system, which can control the mould-clamping pressure, material-loading pressure, and material-injecting pressure simultaneously.
    With unique body design, the PVC air blowing injection machine can accommodate larger moulds. And fitted with a mould cooling system, the injection machine is easier to operate.
  • Double Color PVC Air Blowing Injection MachineThe double color PVC air blowing injection machine provides the automatic, high efficient injector which is equipped with a pneumatic device. The machine uses high performance mould clamping system and the PLC system which enables the users to make suitable program for each different mould.
    Using TPR, foam and non-foam PVC as raw materials, the double color PVC air blowing injection ...
  • Fully Automatic Single Color PVC Air Blowing Injection MachineWith unique body design, the PVC air blowing injection machine can accommodate larger moulds. And fitted with a mould cooling system, the machine is easier to operate.
    The air-blowing unit makes products 20%-35% lighter than those made with traditional manufacture method, softer, the surface brighter, and color more vivid which are almost as good as foam rubber ...
  • Three Color PVC Disc Injection MachineThe three color PVC disc injection machine, with compact structure, is designed completely in accordance with shoelace production process.
    The PVC disc injection machine has a small number of mould stations, low electricity consumption, and high productivity. The replenishment production efficiency can almost reach the level of full-mould ...
  • PVC TPR Overshoe Disc Injection MachineThe PVC TPR overshoe disc injection machine uses microcomputer control technology for monitoring on the working state, with automatic malfunction alarm function.
    With a touch type man-machine interface, operational parameters and the parameter setting information are displayed clearly and easy to understand.
  • TR/TPR/TPU/PVC Thermoplastic Molding MachineThe thermoplastic molding machine provides injection or extrusion system options. An electric motor is used to adjust the height of the injection point, so a larger number of molds of different heights can be used in the machine. With horizontal adjustment of the injection point, and no material piles at the channel of extruder, changing material is not only faster but material-saving. Barrel temperature is accurately ...
  • Fully Automatic Rotary PVC Injection MachineWith uniquely designed top injection system, the fully automatic rotary PVC injection machine enables more flexible use of molds regarding thickness.
    The specially designed mould clamping system reduces the time required for clamping and improves the production rate.
  • Double Color Rubber Injection Molding MachineThe new-generation mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated double color rubber injection molding machine incorporates patented technologies, which can work continuously with high efficiency.
    The double color rubber injection molding machine provides high productivity and low energy consumption, and thus reduces the manufacture cost for customers in the rubber product industry.
  • Rubber Sole Moulding MachineThe rubber moulding machine utilizes the hydraulic units of world famous brands and is controlled by PLC system. The PLC system, reliable and with high performance, can control different parts independently and avoid interference.
    The rubber sole moulding machine runs rapidly and smoothly and with low noise.
  • Plastic CrusherOur plastic crusher provides elegant appearance with firm painting in well-matched colors, easy operation and safety, saves electricity, and has wide applications. The high quality products are offered at reasonable prices.
    The machine comes with separate design of feeding hopper, crushing chamber, and sieve, which ...
  • Drying MixerIn terms of the drying mixer structure, there are automatic horizontal discharger and tipping bucket discharger options. Customers can choose the product flexibly according to their production needs. The drying mixer provides the advantages of no noise, high efficiency, uniform kneading, easy operation and maintenance, and wide applications.
  • Vertical Color Mixing MachineThe vertical color mixing machine provides the tank and agitating blades made of stainless steel. The agitating blades can be easily removed for cleaning.
    Driven directly by motor, the vertical color mixer offers uniform mixing, low power consumption and high mixing efficiency.
  • Flat Sole Printing MachineThe flat sole printing machine is applicable to EVA injection soles, PVC air blowing soles and EVA slice soles.
    Transfer printing temperature (working temperature): 0-400℃
    Power supply (Volt/Hertz): 220V/50Hz
  • LD1000 Hydraulic Tile PressMax. pressing force: 10000KN
    Ejecting force: 210KN
    Max. beam stroke: 140mm
    Min. distance between beam and press table: 380mm
  • LD1300 Hydraulic Tile PressMax. distance between beam and press table: 540mm
    Distance between left and right columns : 1600mm
    Reserved width of column: 600mm
    Max. filler thickness: 60mm
  • LD1600 Hydraulic Tile PressIdle cycle index: 25Min-1
    Pressing frequency per cycle: 2~3times
    Main motor capacity: 75KW
    Oil volume: 840L
  • LD4000 Hydraulic Tile PressMax. pressing force: 40000KN
    Ejecting force : 265KN
    Max. beam stroke: 175mm
    Min. distance between beam and press table : 505mm
  • LD7200 Hydraulic Tile PressMin. distance between beam and press table: 510mm
    Max. distance between beam and press table: 765mm
    Distance between left and right columns : 2450mm
    Reserved width of column: 1370mm
  • LD Series Automatic Tile Turn-over TableThe LD series automatic tile turn-over table, one of the auxiliary machines for tile presses, functions to take over the pressed tiles and automatically accomplished the tasks of tile turn-over, dust sweeping and delivery. All series tile turn-over table is isolated controlled by PLC.

Lida Machine is a professional injection molding machine manufacturer in China. Our products include a double color EVA foam injection molding machine, mini EVA foaming machine, single color PVC air blowing injection machine, plastic crusher, and more.

Established in 1978, we at Lida Machine have decades of experience in the industry. We put this knowledge to use in ensuring the quality of each of our products. For example, we utilize over thirty internationally advanced and high precision tools in the manufacturing of each injection machine. We obtain parts for our products from world-famous brands in Germany, Japan, France, Taiwan, and mainland China. We also provide regular staff training so that the quality of our products remains reliable and consistent. Through our modern management system, our expertise, our attention to detail, and our superior staff, Lida has earned ISO certification. With a sales and service network that covers more than 100 countries, we are able to offer our global clients fine quality products that are suitable for their local climate conditions.

We at Lida Machine work diligently to consistently provide customers with high quality and competitively priced injection machine products. Our large production capacity translates into reduced procurement and processing costs. Because we have a large sales volume, we pass this savings on to our clients. We are located in Fujian Province, close to the Port of Xiamen. This prime location makes economical shipping to our global customers possible. Currently we have more than 3,000 Lida brand machines operating worldwide. Our products are exported to numerous countries and regions around the world, including Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Sweden, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Brazil.