LD Series Automatic Tile Turn-over Table

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LD Series Automatic Tile Turn-over Table

The LD series automatic tile turn-over table, one of the auxiliary machines for tile presses, functions to take over the pressed tiles and automatically accomplished the tasks of tile turn-over, dust sweeping and delivery. All series tile turn-over table is isolated controlled by PLC.

Technical Parameters

Project modelPress model Max. tile width (mm)Max. tile thickness (mm)Telescopic length of elevator(mm)Max. tile length(mm)Distance between rollers (mm)Roller diameter (mm)Linear speed of roller tables (m/min) Linear speed of turn-over tables (m/min)Tile capacity (cycles/min)Total length and structure (mm)Size (LxWixH)
LD1555 (1650roller)LD10001500201300550 (turning table660)70385~26 (inverter)5~24 (step less)163400 (integral)3400×2700×1730
LD1556 (1650 roller)LD13001550201300660 (turning table750)70385~26 (inverter)5~24 (step less)164200 (separate)4200×2700×1700
LD1706 (1800 roller)LD1600 (optional)1700201300660 (turning table 750)70385~26 (inverter)5~24 (step less)164200 (separate)4200×2850×1700
LD1558 (1650 roller)LD40001550201300880 (turning table 980)80385~17 (inverter)3.5~16 (step less)164200 (separate)4200×2700×1700
LD1708 (optional) (1800 roller)17004200×2850×1700
LD2208(2300 roller)LD72002200201300880 (turning table 1020)90455~13 (inverter)2~9 (step less)64200(separate) 4200×3600×1700
LD22010 (2300 roller)LD720022002013001100 (turning table 1250)90455~13 (inverter)2~9 (step less)64500(separate)4500×3600×1700
LD22012 (2300 roller)LD72002200208901350 (turning table 1500)90455~13 (inverter)2~9 (step less)65500(separate)5500×3600×1700

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