LD1300 Hydraulic Tile Press

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LD1300 Hydraulic Tile Press

Technical Parameters

Max. pressing forceKN13000
Ejecting forceKN210
Max. beam strokemm140
Min. distance between beam and press tablemm380
Max. distance between beam and press tablemm540
Distance between left and right columnsmm1600
Reserved width of columnmm600
Max. filler thicknessmm60
Idle cycle indexMin-125
Pressing frequency per cycletimes2~3
Main motor capacityKW55
Oil volumeL680
Air consumptionm³/h0.25
Cooling water volumem³/h18
Weight of main componentst43

LD1300 is applicable for external tiles, strip tiles of all specifications and 200X300mm internal tiles.

Other products
  • LD1600 Hydraulic Tile PressIdle cycle index: 25Min-1
    Pressing frequency per cycle: 2~3times
    Main motor capacity: 75KW
    Oil volume: 840L