Vertical Color Mixing Machine

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Vertical Color Mixing Machine

Features of Vertical Color Mixing Machine
1. The vertical color mixing machine provides the tank and agitating blades made of stainless steel. The agitating blades can be easily removed for cleaning.
2. Driven directly by motor, the vertical color mixer offers uniform mixing, low power consumption and high mixing efficiency.
3. It comes with auto stop setting, with the stop time adjustable between 0-30 minutes.
4. The vertical color mixing machine, with overload protection device, ensures safe operation.

Technical Parameters of Vertical Color Mixing Machine
Model Capacity (kg) Motor power (kw ) Revs/min Dimensions
ACG-25 25 0.75 62 710*640*850
VCG-50 50 1.5 62 830*790*960
VCG-100 100 3 62 960*860*1180
VCG-150 150 4 62 1170*890*1360
VCG-200 200 5.5 62 1190*1120*1430

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