Plastic Crusher

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Plastic Crusher

Features of Plastic Crusher
1. Our plastic crusher provides elegant appearance with firm painting in well-matched colors, easy operation and safety, saves electricity, and has wide applications. The high quality products are offered at reasonable prices.
2. The machine comes with separate design of feeding hopper, crushing chamber, and sieve, which facilitate easy loading and unloading. The buffer chamber and the feeding port with shade design prevent material oil spill.
3. The plastic crusher offers the motor with an overload protection device, and the power supply with an interlocking protection system. The belt pulley, designed with a protective cover, utilizes a safety catch for cleaning.
4. The wall of the crushing chamber provides double-layer insulation, ensuring low noise and low vibration.

Use of Plastic Crusher
The plastic crusher is suitable for crushing hard die materials and bootlast materials, including such plastics as PS, ABS, EVA, TPU, PVC, PE, PP and TPR, etc. What's more, the plastic crushing equipment is applicable to nylon, engineering plastics, calendered film, thin sheets, soft materials, pipe materials, as well as other waste products and plastic injection heads.

Technical Parameters of Plastic Crusher
Model Motor power (kw ) Scope of application Crushing capacity (kg/h) Crushing chamber caliber (mm) Stationary Cutter Rotary Cutter   Weight (kg)
KP300 7.5 Workpiece materials, waste product materials, hard die materials, leftover materials, mineral water bottles, plastic buckets, plastic pots, etc.

100-250 300*400 2 6 450
KP400 11 200-400 400*500 2 6 700
KP500 18.5 300-600 500*600 2/2 6/16 1000
KP600 22 400-700 600*700 2/2 6/16 1300
SP500 22 200-500 600*700 4 6 900
SP600 22 300-600 700*800 4 6 1200
SP800 30 400-800 800*900 4 6 150

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