Rubber Sole Moulding Machine

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Rubber Sole Moulding Machine

Features of Rubber Sole Moulding Machine
1. The sole moulding machine is made of high strength steel, so it will never be cracked or out of shape.
2. The rubber moulding machine utilizes the hydraulic units of world famous brands and is controlled by PLC system. The PLC system, reliable and with high performance, can control different parts independently and avoid interference.
3. The rubber sole moulding machine runs rapidly and smoothly and with low noise.
4. The air change frequency and degassing time are set freely, which can be adjusted manually in a convenient manner.
5. Pressure relief, air drainage and going-down can be adjusted separately, and automatic continuous actions can be preset.
6. The emergency switch provides sudden stop and going-down upon slight touch, so as to protect the safety of the operators, dies and finished products.

Technical Parameters of Rubber Sole Moulding Machine
Model LD-PH02
Operating mode Steam heating, manual /full-automatic Electrical heating, manual /full-automatic
Size of plate (mm) 450*450 500*500 450*450 500*500
No. of layers
No. of stations 1-12 1-12
Oil cylinder (mm) Ф300 Ф*300
Spacing (mm) 125-200 125-200
Pressure (Tons) 125 125
Horsepower (KW) 15 15
Heating source Steam boiler Electric heating (18Kw)
Oil volume (approx.) (Liter) 980 980

Lida Machine is a specialized rubber injection molding machine manufacturer in China. We provide rubber sole moulding machine, single color EVA foam injection molding machine, fully automatic rotary PVC injection machine, and others.

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