TR/TPR/TPU/PVC Thermoplastic Molding Machine

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TR/TPR/TPU/PVC Thermoplastic Molding Machine

The thermoplastic molding machine is suitable for the multi-color TR, TPR, TPU and PVC sole injection or extrusion molding.

Mold Carrier System of TR/TPR/TPU/PVC Thermoplastic Molding Machine
Different mold thickness can be automatically adjusted by hydraulic clamping system. Three-position (0°-90°-180°) mold rotating system can provide many different production ways for you. It can be applied to producing one-colour soles, two-colour soles, and also two-colour soles of three layers etc. Unique rotating positioning mechanism ensures precise and quick mold positioning. The thermoplastic molding machine has the functions of both top ejecting and bottom ejecting, which enable soles to be taken out easily and keep the original shapes.

Mold Sliding Function of TR/TPR/TPU/PVC Thermoplastic Molding Machine
The mould sliding function makes it easier for workers to take products out and insert decorative parts into the molds. The independent cooling system for molds and products helps effectively result in improved productivity. The independent blowing system facilitates finished product demoulding.

Technical Parameters of TR/TPR/TPU/PVC Thermoplastic Molding Machine
Item Unit LD-T-2S4
No. of stations
Clamping force Tons 100-150
Max. mould dimension mm 380X500
Mould height mm 90-200
Max. mould opening stroke mm 350
Degree of rotating system
Feeding mode
Extrusion /Injection
No. of feeding unit
Screw diameter mm 60/50
Screw speed R/pm 0-250
No. of thermal zones of barrel
Feeding unit heating power Kw 18.4
Power of motor for hydraulic unit Kw 11+11
Total electric consumption Kw 40.4
Measurements ( LxWxH) Mm 3000X2126X2330
Weight Tons 10

Feeding System of TR/TPR/TPU/PVC Thermoplastic Molding Machine
The thermoplastic molding machine provides injection or extrusion system options. An electric motor is used to adjust the height of the injection point, so a larger number of molds of different heights can be used in the machine. With horizontal adjustment of the injection point, and no material piles at the channel of extruder, changing material is not only faster but material-saving. Barrel temperature is accurately controlled by P.I.D. control system. Each extruder has an independent nozzle, so different material flows are free from interference and colors will not be mingled. This ensures the colors of products are clear and bright.

Electric Control System of TR/TPR/TPU/PVC Thermoplastic Molding Machine
A self-diagnosis system enables the users to readily know the current running status of the thermoplastic molding machine. With a file recording system, processing parameters of different molds can be saved in individual files, which ensures a higher productivity.

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